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Our 24 Geodome is perfect for getting away from the elements.  GD24 is a non-insulated dome that includes our powder coated metal frame, weatherproof sunblock Vinyl cover and 48 Dome ground fasteners. With Door.


Size Specifications: 24ft'
969 Sq. Ft.
Ceiling height: 14 Feet 8 Inches
Approx. dome weight: 1,094 Pounds
Frame package: 68″ x 28″ x 18″
Cover package: 34″ x 32″ x 36″
Bay Window: 8ft. 6in. h x 20ft. w
Assembly Time: 4 to 10 hours with a team of Four

Package Includes

Steel frame - 25 mm in diameter with a set of galvanized fasteners, powder coating. (White color) 

Cover - snow-white PVC membrane, fire-retardant (DIN 4102, B1 / M2), 100% waterproof, very high tensile strength. Resistant to temperature changes and discoloration. The door is a hoop 

Windows - 4 round windows, 50 cm in diameter and a panoramic window 

Ventilation - 2 ventilation dampers 

Additional options are possible

Magnified panoramic window 

Full-fledged doors 

Rolls and mosquito nets 

Hole for stove-fireplace 

Tunnel to connect several domes 

Accommodation of guests

Standing: 60 people. 

Sitting in rows: 45 people. 

Buffet: 40 people. 

Round table: 35 people.


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